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The Best Urban Erma’s of 2013

Dear Urban Erma Fans, 

Thank you so much for reading, enjoying, commenting, and sharing my posts this year. It was hard to choose, but here are my favorites. I hope they're yours too. Have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014. - Leighann Lord (The Urban Erma).

  1. Sorta Senior MomentsBLOG | PODCAST |VIDEO
  2. The Library It's Not Just Books BLOG | PODCAST | VIDEO
  3. Dresser Drawer Time Machine BLOG | PODCAST
  4. Little Miss, Young Miss, Old Miss BLOG | PODCAST
  5. Make Time to Waste Time BLOG | PODCAST
  6. Real-Life Math Problem BLOG | PODCAST
  7. Happy Black Men BLOG | PODCAST
  8. Rob Base is Not Dead BLOG | PODCAST | VIDEO
  9. Hi Tech Huxtables BLOG | PODCAST |
  10. Going Green and Seeing Red BLOG | PODCAST | VIDEO
  11. Borg Going to Budget BLOG | PODCAST
  12. My Bank, The Vendor and Me BLOG | PODCAST

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Fine Ass Forehead - A Different Kind of Beautiful Mind

Last night a man said to me, “You have a very beautiful forehead.” Those words in that combination were so unexpected that I wasn’t sure how to respond. I mean, what could I say but thank you? I should’ve been mildly uncomfortable as the man stood there recklessly eyeballing my frontal lobe and trying to explain the context for his remark. Admittedly inebriated, he told me about a study that correlated the shape of a woman’s forehead with her fertility. Well that makes sense. And it explains all the imaginary children I have; three daughters and one son. Besides, you know what they say: big head, big womb.

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