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Here Comes Honey Who?

I was channel surfing the other day and finally happened upon the TV show that everyone's been talking about: Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo. In the interests of keeping up with pop culture I figured I should at least watch an episode so that I can speak on it with knowledgeable distain. When realization dawned that this was not a Saturday Night Live sketch but indeed the actual show, I began wondering if white folks are as horrified by Honey Boo Boo as black folks were by The Flavor of Love. Honey would break the loving resolve of even Uncle Ruckus.

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I’m Going to Get Gas, Cover Me!

They say history repeats itself but there’s some stuff you don’t want to see again: slavery, neon leg warmers, and gas lines. I've heard my parents talk about the gas lines of the 70s. It sounded like all the other crazy stuff they’ve told me about like all the things you could buy for a nickel and gas only costing $.25 a gallon. So I never thought I'd actually find myself waiting in a gas line, happy that it was only five blocks long. READ MORE

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Grown Folks Shoppin’

My washing machine died. I can’t be mad. I had it for 15 years so I more than got my money’s worth. But this meant I had to get a new washer and dryer since I had a laundry center, stacked combo. And shopping for a washer-dryer is not like shopping for shoes. It’s not cute. It’s not sexy. And it’s definitely not an impulse buy. This is Grown Folks Shopping.

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Home for the Hurricane: The Great Bundle Debacle

New York City has been devastated by Hurricane Sandy. There was loss of life, power, and property. Honestly, I really didn’t know it was going to be this bad. It wasn’t the dire warnings of the Weather Channel that finally got through to me. It was when The City suspended parking meters and alternate side of the street parking. That’s a sign of the apocalypse isn’t it? Yeah, it was going to be bad. READ MORE

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