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Archive for June 2011

What’s a Doggie Bag Between Strangers?

This week The Urban Erma has dinner out with friends and meets To Go Box Man. There's a first time for everything.

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When Did Walmart Start Hiring Floor Mammies?

This Week, The Urban Erma goes to Walmart on a Saturday afternoon. You know no good was going to come of it.

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Anthony Weiner: Show Us Your Stimulus Package

This week The Urban Erma gives America a different take on Weiner's Weiner.

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The Best Seat in the House

This week, The Urban Erma goes to the theater and ends up sitting in the tech booth.

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This week The Urban Erma comes perilously close to being the "crazy" aunt. Thanks, TSA! (Featuring new theme music by Greydon Square!)

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