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Archive for March 2011

Childhood in a Bag, A Not So Trivial Pursuit

This week The Urban Erma does "Game Night" old school style.

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Caramel Macchiato, Now with Extra TM

This week, The Urban Erma goes to Starbucks to write her weekly blog but gets more with her macchiato than she bargained for!


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Surrounded by Spandex, My First 5K

This week The Urban Erma gets up off the couch and runs her very first 5K!

Read it at www.TheUrbanErma.com

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Wistfully Watching Wisconsin

This week stand-up comedian "The Urban Erma" learns she may have more in common with the government workers in Wisconsin than she previously thought.

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If You Ain’t Sharin’, People Ain’t Carin’

This week The Urban Erma has to say "No" to a benefit gig and it doesn't go smoothly. Ahh, the economic realities of being a working artist.

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