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Going To Alaska, It’s The Long Johns Tour

This week, The Urban Erma is prepping for a January jaunt to Alaska. Will she be warm enough?

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A Hater and A Coward, The Narcissist Gets Called Out!

This week Leighann (The Urban Erma) gets hate mail from a disgruntled non-fan.


I didn’t think anyone was actually reading my blog until I got some hate mail. Well, I shouldn’t overstate it. It was only one email but I’m hopeful. They say, “all publicity is good publicity” but harsh criticism hurts, especially when it has a grain of truth to it. My friends on Facebook were very supportive. Without knowing the content of the email they took my side and even suggested that I report the sender to the police. (Love you, Facebook Family!) I don’t know what my enemies think of the missive. I haven’t checked Friendster.

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The Proper Waffle Etiquette: One Man, One Waffle

This week, The Urban Erma deals with a woman hogging the lone hotel waffle maker. The nerve!


"Traveling a lot makes you appreciate simple hotel amenities: • Hangers that aren’t permanently affixed to the closet beam • Working in-room appliances • Easily accessible electrical outlets that don’t require the skill of a contortionist and the thinness of a super model to reach

Me, personally, I’m a big fan of the complimentary breakfast buffet where you can make your own waffles and apparently, I’m not the only one."

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Welcome to The Urban Erma

The Urban Erma is the weekly blog of stand-up comedian Leighann Lord (Comedy Central, HBO, The View). She’s a workaholic, control freak, perfectionist who sweats the small stuff, writes about it and then feels oddly compelled to read it out loud. This is what happens when you can’t afford therapy.

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